Cincinnati’s Best Interior Painting Services

Giving a building or the inside of a home a fresh and uplifting look is easier than you may think. The secret is in the paint. A new coat can add stunning life and vibrancy to any building or the interior of your home. A new paint job can also improve a buildings defenses against the elements, ensuring that it’s beauty lasts for years to come.

Our years of experience delivering the very best painting services in Cincinnati ensures that your project will be in very safe and capable hands. Size of project doesn’t matter either. Whether you are looking to add new life to a commercial building, or just want to unleash the inner beauty of your house, our skilled team of craftsmen can help you achieve your goals. We work to your precise specifications so you are guaranteed to always get what you want. That’s our promise.

Our Process

  • A qualified team is sent out to survey your home or desired workspace. At this stage, recommendations regarding materials and execution of the job will be made. This ensures that we match our expertise directly with your wishes at an affordable price.
  • A detailed quote is then drawn up. This outlines all the considerations for the job, as well as scope of what will be delivered.
  • Our painters will then start work on your project.
  • During the work process, you’ll get to interact with the team, giving you the chance to make inputs.
  • Once the job is complete, we’ll have a final consultation. This will ensure that the finished job meets your exact specifications.

Interior Painting Preparation

Interior projects require very strict attention to detail, and so if you hire us for such a project, we’ll take due care in ensuring that your furniture and other items are protected. We utilize tarp and plastic sheeting to do much of the covering. Everything from ceiling to floor that’s not being painted is covered and protected.

Surfaces are prepared for painting using a combination of fiberglass, drywall compounds, caulking and/or putty. Any existing cracks or damages are mended before actual painting is commenced. Top quality primers are used to seal oil or water stains. This ensures that the new paint is not adversely affected.

Quality Work At Affordable Prices

For a free, no-obligation quote on interior or exterior painting, call us at (513) 535-1239 or fill out the free quote form.