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Many homeowners take trees for granted, and the reality is they shouldn’t. Trees are very important. Aside from increasing the potential sale price of your property, trees can offer much needed shade during those harsh summers, as well as help you relax under the green wings of nature. Trees provide a natural habitat for some of natures most delightful creatures, including some of the most exquisite songbirds.

Trees also provide the important function of giving us clean air, which is necessary for upper respiratory health. Trees are also very important in preventing soil erosion; something the people of the Easter Islands found out to their cost. Yes, trees are very important to your daily life so it’s even more important that you look after the ones you own.

Regular tree trimming and pruning keeps your trees healthy and also gives them the vibrancy and beauty inherent in a well-maintained tree. And whilst tree trimming may not be a science, there are very specific dos and don’ts of tree maintenance. There are also special things you can do to make your trees harmonize with your greater landscaping goals. Trees for instance can be elevated and thinned, so that more sunlight falls on your lawn—which of course encourages lush growth.

LJ’s can help you maintain your trees on a regular basis. We can also help you prevent the more troublesome elements of tree growth, such as overhanging branches. Whatever your tree trimming needs or goals, LJ’s Landscaping can help you achieve them.

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